Guitarcello. Music redesigned.

Redesign of the musical instrument called “viola da gamba“ which origin reaches up to renaissance, GuitarCello is designed for guitarists who want to extend their horizons in stringed instruments, and they also prefer frets. It is tuned as a guitar, but it has got only four strings like a cello. It is played the same way you play a cello, with a fiddlestick while sitting down, but strings and scales are like on a guitar. It is a universal instrument suitable for many genres.

It's a joy to play.

The biggest advantage of frets is that the tones you play are sounded and harmonised. The classical cello is fretless and needs a long-time practice. With a GuitarCello it is interesting and joyful. You can quite quickly harmonise with it. Moreover it is possible to play on a GuitarCello the same way you would play a guitar. This instrument is electro-acoustic with a possibility of a usage of electric effects. It is an enriching and truly unique experience.

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Designed and made by Tomas Brichta.